Department of Commerce & Industry

Department of Commerce and Industry draws its mandate from various Acts of Parliament, National Executive Council (NEC) Decisions and Ministerial Determinations and Directions. As the lead policy making agency of the Ministry for Commerce and Industry, it is ably supported by the Commercial Statutory Authorities (CSA) in the implementation of commerce and industry developments in the country.

Our Vision

  • To lead the promotion of sustainable economic growth through invastment in our renewable resources and preserve the nation's international trade competitveness.

Our Mission

  • To guide Papua New Guinea into maximising its full potential in the development of vibrant and diversified domestic commerce and industry and participation in the international trade for the ultimate achievement of sustainable socio-economic growth; increased emloyment and in come earning opportunities; and proverty alleviation.

Our Functions

  • To plan, research formulate and co-ordinate policies and programs relevant to the development of industry, commerce, investments, and trade that will guide PNG to diversify its economic base and tap into new markets for its local products.
  • To review and introduce appropriate policy options for the facilitation of investments, industry development, business growth, trade, including rural sector development.
  • To ensure that Government policies and programs tasked to the respective ministerial agencies (IPA, SBDC, ICDC, and NISIT) are implemented.


Department of Commerce and Industry plans to fulfill and achieve all its visions and set goals through constructive consultation and progressive workable concepts with our strategic alliances and the commitment of our people who believe and aspire to the core values set out in the Corporate Plan. This Department will be committed to the challenge and in order to add value through strengthening Key Partnership and Business to enhance peoples livelihood.