Commerce & Business Support Services


The Division is responsible for facilitation of the promotion of SME policy, implementation and monitoring through the provision of training, advisory and technical support to Provincial Commerce Divisions and entrepreneurs.

The Division is also responsible for ensuring that resource landowners are given fair opportunities to participate in spin-off business activities resulting from project developments on their land.

The Division also supports the strengthening of business networks and programs that enhance the growth and promotion of commercial activities in Papua New Guinea.


Priority Objectives:

Support SME Corporation

To provide advisory support in the implementation of SME Policy and Master Plan.

MOA Reviews & Business Strategies

Attend Mining MOA Reviews, Develop Business Strategies, Supply & Procurement Plans, Do Compliance Audit Reviews of key mining projects and chair quarterly goods and services committee meetings.

Business Incubation Centre

To facilitate and support the development of Business Promotion Centres in the Provinces.

Monitoring & Evaluation of BDGs

Conduct Monitoring & Evaluation of BDGs for PNG LNG Projects, Develop Business Development Plans and attend to meetings with stakeholders on upcoming gas projects in regards to National Content Plan.

Women In Business

Attend to women in Mining and Business development forums to help and support women participation in SME.


Facilitate and promote the development of "Free Trade Zones" (FTZ) and 'Special Economic Zones' (SEZ) in designated provinces to lure Foreign Direct Investors (FDIs).

Provincial Commerce Offices

Support the training of Provincial Commerce Business Development Officers.