National Content Policy Drafting

In 2016, The NEC in its Decision # 112/2016 directed Department of Trade, Commerce & Industry to oversee the drafting of National Content Policy.
The main objective of National Content Policy is enable resource owners to effectively participate and have ownership from impact projects across all sectors through supply and procurement of goods and services and other related spin-off business activities. This will ensure resource owners receive maximum benefits in terms of supply and procurement of goods and services in all impact projects across all sectors. Therefore, this National Content Plan (NCP - Policy) will be an overarching policy framework that will cut across all sectors.

In the absence of a National Content Policy and Act over the years has resulted in PNG businesses and SMEs missing out on bulk of supply and procurement of goods and services in all impact projects across all sectors.  Further there is lack of control and monitoring mechanisms to determine the degree of ownership, maximum participation and spin off business development benefits for PNG businesses.  Thus, a NCP is very timely for PNG as many new resource projects will come on stream in the near future.

The National Content Policy drafting has commenced in a very active mode since September 2018.
A consultant Dr Peter Moorower has been engaged to develop the National Content Policy whilst Department of Commerce and Industry will play a leading role in facilitating stakeholders’ consultation and providing necessary assistance to the consultant to ensure the National Content Policy is delivered on time.  So far, several meetings have been held with the Mining Sector and Gas Project Coordination Office (GPCO) to assist them develop their respective National Content to cater for new LNG Projects and Mining Projects such as Wafi Golpu and Freda River Gold Project.