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Capacity Building for SMEs

  • Component 3 comes under the Project Financing Agreement and this consists of 4 sub-components:
    1. SME Management and Financial Skills Training
    2. SME Mentoring and Coaching
    3. SME Training for Entrepreneurs incl. tailored training for women
    4. Support training for provincial government commerce staff
  • The total funding estimate earmarked for the component is US$5.03 m and financed by IDA/Gov-PNG.
  • Dept. of Trade, Commerce & Industry directly implements component 3 through outsourcing of trainings to external SME training experts.
  • The direct Beneficiaries are Provincial Commerce Officers, Women In Business and the SMEs in general.

Performance Output

  • Technical Experts were engaged to provide business-related trainings for the Entrepreneurs across 15 provinces as shown below.