20190416 111922

Support to Dept of Trade, Commerce & Industry and the Project Implementation Unit

  • Component 4 comes under the Financing Agreement and covers the following activities –
    1. Support SME Strategy and Policy Development
    2. General Capacity Building for the Department
    3. Do Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
    4. Undertake Procurement Activities Successfully.
  • Funding estimate earmarked for the Component is US$7.27m of which US$3.48 is financed by IDA and Gov-PNG counter-fund the balance.

Performance Output

  • SME Policy was developed already and other activities are ongoing
  • First SME Baseline Survey was undertaken in 2012 at the cost of K1.5m
  • Second SME Baseline survey currently in the process of implementation and will cost K2m
  • First BSP Beneficiary Survey was carried out 2015 at the cost of K1.5m
  • M&E Consultant for the Second Impact Survey is completed
  • The Second M&E Loan Impact survey is currently underway and the estimated cost will at K1.5m
  • Recruitment of Credit Guarantee Facility International and local Consultant is in progress
  • Recruitment of Agriculture Financing Consultant is also currently underway
  • Capacity building Training and IT equipment purchased and delivered to All 22 provincial Commerce Offices.