About Us

DCI in Summary

The Department is the lead agency responsible for policy formulation, provides support and coordination for SME growth, monitors major impact projects and facilitates for domestic and international trade investment. In short, the Department is responsible for developing policies to create conducive environment for: 

1. Investment in PNG. 
2. Industrial development in PNG. 
3. Buying and selling domestically and abroad. 

What Defines Us?

To lead the promotion of sustainable economic growth through investment in our renewable resources and preserve the nation’s international trade competitiveness.

To create conducive economic environment through Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) to enhance value-adding of our natural resources and services by formulating policy interventions to grow the national economy towards the attainment of Vision 2050.

We aspire to:
1. Fully transform Papua New Guinea from being an exporter of raw materials into a major exporter of value added manufacturing goods and services in the Pacific Region and Globally;
2. Increase the number of SMEs and create more job opportunities;
3. Support PNG’s international and domestic trade by providing appropriate information of trade standards, coordinated and unified strategies for stakeholders locally and internationally;
4. Improve sustainable growth in the manufacturing sector.


The Department of Commerce and Industry draws its mandate from the various Acts of Parliament, NEC Decisions and Ministerial Determinations and Directions. As the lead policy making agency of the Ministry for Commerce and Industry, it is ably supported by the Commercial Statutory Authorities (CSA) in the implementation of commerce and industry developments in the country.

The CSAs involved includes: 

  1. Industrial Centres Development Corporation (ICDC)
  2. Investment Promotion Authority (IPA)
  3. Small Medium Enterprise Corporation (SMEC)
  4. National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology (NISIT)

Core Functional Divisions

The Department’s core functions are performed by the following six (6) key Divisions:





These Divisions represent the Department’s Key Strategic Result Areas (KRA) by which they deliver on its Priority Objectives, Actions and Key Performance Indicators.

The following units are standalone projects within the Department and are also expected to deliver based on their project objectives respectively.

  1. Construction Industry Unit

  2. Risk Share Facility

  3. Co-operative Societies

The effective performance and discharge of these divisional functions and units would enable the Department to deliver on its Mission Statement of growing the economy through inclusive citizen-participation in wealth creation.

- Associations Incorporation Act (Chapter 142)
- Business Groups Incorporation Act (Chapter 144)
- Business Names Act (Chapter 145)
- Cocoa Act (Chapter 388)(insofar only as it relates to international trade)

-Commerce (Trade Descriptions) Act (Chapter 284)
- Commercial Advertisement (Protection of Local Industry) Act (Chapter 407)

- Companies Act 1997
- Cooperative Societies Act (Chapter 389)
- Customs Act (Chapter 101) (Part V and Parts I and II of the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulation only.

- Customs (Dumping and Subsidies) Act (Chapter 118)
- Distillation Act (Chapter 305)
- Exports (Control and Valuation) Act (Chapter 108)
- Free Trade Zone Act 2000
- Industrial Centres Development Corporation Act 1990
- Industrial Development (Incentives to Pioneer Industrial) Act (Chapter 119)(except s.4)

- Industry Assistance Board Act 1985
- Inflammable Liquid Act (Chapter 311)
- Investment Disputes Convention Act (Chapter 346)
- Investment Promotion Act 1992
- Licenses Act (T.N.G) (Chapter 112) (except insofar as it relates to a copra buyer's license)

- Local Government Act (Chapter 57) (s.91 only)
- National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology Act (1993)
- Packaging Act (chapter 285)
- Securities Act 1997
- Small Business Development Corporation Act 1990
- SME Master Plan (2016)
- SME Policy (2016)
- National Trade Policy
- Trade Marks Act (Chapter 385)
- Trade Measurements Act (Chapter 286)

Head Office Location

Mutual Rumana Building
(We occupy all floors)

Port Moresby
National Capital District
Papua New Guinea


P O Box 375
National Capital District
Papua New Guinea

Phone: +(675) 325 6099 | 325 9225
Fax: +676 325 6108
E-Mail: info@dci.gov.pg